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„Pickin‘ Olives“ EP is out now!


INKEN stands out. With her cream coloured golden electric guitar and her understated yet “I’m right here”-attitude she exudes something special. She is a singer, guitarist and songwriter. The twenty-nine-year-old from Hamburg, Germany describes her music as subconsciousness-pop.

With a voice which is both velvet-toned and powerful, INKEN sings on her first solo EP “Pickin’ Olives” of grief and heartache. Producer Michael Jürgens has woven iridescent and mellow threads around INKEN’s incisive song writing, merging into an EP which is a complete artwork, a new world that spans from INKEN’s first drawn breath till the last note.

Her musical influences are many: INKEN was singer, guitarist and songwriter of the stoner rock duo “Doesn’t Rhyme With King” for seven years with her brother Henning on drums. They toured through Wales and the South of England, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and later through half of Eastern Europe together with their friends “The Sound Monkeys”: four people, in a car, gear crammed to the roof, on their way to Moscow.

The debut EP “Pickin‘ Olives” is available in all online stores. Enjoy the sweet vibe of subconsciousness-pop.

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